Why hire a Personal Trainer at St. Louis Workout?

Our overall mission at St. Louis Workout is to make sure that you achieve your goals and maximize your results as a member.

Many people have a one or two dimensional exercise routine. Those that want to lose weight do only cardio training and maybe a group fitness class now and then. Some who want to build muscle do only weight training. Almost everyone neglects flexibility, core, and balance training. Many of their workouts also lack intensity. Not only do their workouts lack diversity and intensity, the majority of people are not on the correct meal plan for their desired goal.  They fail to realize that proper nutrition attributes to 70 percent of their success rate. The end result is that the greater number of people that workout on their own and follow their own meal plan never achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Therefore they never learn the habit of making fitness a lifestyle and all of the benefits that it provides. Benefits like stress-relief, more energy, better mental attitude, looking better, confidence, a sense of achievement, mobility, functionality, and a longer happier healthier life.  So what’s the answer?

The answer is to hire an expert to give you the education, motivation, intensity, diversity, and proper meal plan that you need to get results as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what our trainers will do. Seeing and feeling a change is important for you to stay motivated and want to continue with your efforts. Our trainers at St. Louis Workout will design a well-rounded customized fitness program catered to your individual goals. With the right balance of resistance training, cardio training, core training, flexibility, and the right meal plan, your body will have no choice but to conform! Call today to schedule a Complimentary Consultation and Fitness Evaluation with one of our trainers and let us help you become the best version of yourself!